Our Experts

Florcraft Carpet One Floor & Home in Fairbanks, AK

Our Experts

Installation Professionals

We believe in flawless execution every step of the way, so our work continues after you’ve made your flooring selection. We are experts in flooring installation, and we stand behind our work with a “Life of Floor” warranty. You can rely on our flooring installation experts. After all, this is your home we’re talking about.

Wayne Miller, Store Manager

"I enjoy helping people find solutions to their flooring needs. Giving the monthly DIY installation classes is a great chance for me to interact with people, giving tips and tricks that they can use to improve their own home."



Cameron Chase, Sales Rep.

"I have been with Florcraft for two years now. I love working with customers and helping them make their dream home become reality. One of my favorite products at Florcraft is flexi-plank. It has great looks and it is easy to install, making it the perfect DIY product."

Tiffany Howe, Sales Rep.

"I've been with Florcraft for the past year and I really enjoy helping customers with their projects. Let me help design the home of your dreams!"

Bridie Bassett, Cabinet Specialist

"I was born and raised in Fairbanks and I’ve been in the cabinet industry for over 13 years. I joined the Florcraft team shortly after they added cabinets to their line up. I’m excited to be part of a company who is locally owned and operated. I enjoy being hands on with my customers and contractors and have experience in both residential and commercial applications. I can be your one stop shop, from lighting to flooring and everything in between. Call me for your free consultation and estimate. I look forward to working with you."

Our Experts

Sales Professionals

Expertise is what we offer you on so many levels. Our sales professionals are trained to ask the right questions, guide you through our easy-to-understand selection systems, and work with you to create exciting solutions.

Patrick Copell, Sales Professional

Patrick Copell has been with Florcraft for 11 years and in the flooring industry for over 16 years. His specialty would be working with insurance clients. Patrick's favorite product at Florcraft is Kahrs wood flooring because it is beautiful, stable, and rarely has issues. In Patrick's free time, you can find him bike riding or snowboarding.


Rob Aguilar, Sales Professional

Rob has been with Florcraft for less than a year, but he has been in the flooring industry for over 11 years. He specializes in builder sales. However, he enjoys helping all select flooring for their home. Rob does not have a favorite product at Florcraft because he thinks there is too many to choose from! In Rob's free time, you can find him playing guitar in a classic rock cover band named 907, playing softball or at home spending time with his family!

Mary Fairbanks, Sales Professional

Mary is a member of ASID-Allied and has been with Florcraft for a year. She specializes in window coverings. In her spare time she likes to read and go to her cabin.

Andy Hickman, Sales Professional

Andy has been with Florcraft for a few months and has 13 years of experience in the flooring industry. Andy specializes in DIY projects and design. Outside of work he likes to spend time remodeling his own home.

Jaime Tamanaha, Sales Professional

Jaime has been has been with Florcraft for 1 year, but he has been in the flooring industry for 8 years. He specializes in interior renovations, his favorite parts being cabinets and kitchen design. His favorite product at Florcraft is the Bellmont cabinets. He thinks they are exciting and complex to work with, and add an artful flare to a room. Jamie spends his free time enjoying the outdoors.

Laura Upton, Commercial Project Manager

Laura has been with Florcraft in the flooring industry for a little over a year. Laura's specialty is great customer service. Laura's favorite products at Florcraft are laminate and the luxury vinyl plank/tiles because they are practical and can be used in any room to add a stylish look. Laura spends her free time quilting, working out, and decorating homes.