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Karastan Carpet

Florcraft Carpet One Floor & Home in Fairbanks and Anchorage is your locally owned retailer, and we offer only top quality name brand carpets you can trust. Known for its quality backing, finishes, craftsmanship, strong carpet fibers, and density, Karastan has been setting the industry standards for carpets and rugs for years. Additionally, The Karastan collection is available in either woven or tufted options, which creates a beautiful finish. The Karastan difference means transforming your room into the private retreat you always dreamed of without the worry of it being ruined by children, teens, and pets. Karastan is constantly creating top of the line products and improving its rugs and carpet technology.





Karastan Carpet Constructions

Karastan carpets are more durable than most of their leading competitor’s and the carpet fibers are twisted tightly together for a more defined look and stronger performance against wear and tear. No longer will you have to worry about kids and pets ruining your soft surface floor every time they walk across it. They design their carpets and rugs around your particular lifestyle. The fibers they use are long-lasting and very easy to clean and care for. You no longer will have to break out the vacuum the second you see dirt on the floor, for the tight fiber weaves keep it on the surface for easy cleaning.


Why Choose Karastan Rugs


Today, Karastan rugs are still known for their durability. Now, these rugs come in a wide variety of styles other than oriental. Karastan even makes rugs using their broadloom carpets. Karastan offers their products at an affordable price so that everyone could relish in their beauty and comfort.



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