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Laminate Flooring Store in Fairbanks, AK

Looking for an affordable flooring solution that is stylish, simple to maintain, and durable? Then you may want to consider laminate flooring. It’s a popular alternative to common flooring options, like hardwood, and it's known for being easy to install and water-repellent. At Florcraft Carpet One Floor & Home with locations in Fairbanks and Anchorage, Alaska, we are your local laminate flooring experts, with a great selection of options. We’re here to help you achieve the floors – and home of your dreams, no matter where you are in the process. Follow along as we dive deeper into all things laminate flooring.


Why Choose Laminate Flooring?









Is Laminate Better Than Hardwood?


Whether or not laminate flooring is better than hardwood depends on more than just appearance. It depends on your budget, lifestyle, and location. Laminate floors are not real hardwood. Instead, they are floors made of composite wood with a photo-realistic image layer emulating oak, hickory, maple, walnut, and other popular species. Laminate flooring is so realistic looking that many people can’t tell the difference between today’s laminate planks and real wood. It still requires the same regular maintenance as hardwood but is much easier to clean, but you do not need to worry about humidity and moisture as much since the laminate is water resistant and has a protective layer.


What is Laminate Flooring


Laminate flooring is made of multiple layers of composite wood that each have an important purpose to the overall performance and appearance of laminate flooring. These layers include:





How Is Laminate Flooring Installed?

Laminate is easy to install and brings a high-end look to any room without hurting your wallet. Many laminate floors are installed using a simple click-lock method that allows the floor to float over your subfloor – no glues or adhesives required. We offer professional laminate flooring installation for both residential and commercial spaces.

Where Can Laminate Flooring Be Installed?

We recommend laminate for both residential properties and light-use business spaces like small offices and boutiques. If you want to install laminate in a moisture-prone area like your kitchen, we encourage you to choose a waterproof laminate floor. So where can you install laminate flooring? Laminate flooring can be installed in:








Where Can I Find Laminate Flooring Near Me?

You can shop for laminate flooring in Anchorage or Fairbanks, AK, right here at Florcraft Carpet One Floor & Home. We carry the area’s best laminate flooring selection. This includes both name brands you know and unique exclusive collections like Mirror Lake™ that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for a distinctive floor that stands out from the regular big box store products, plan a visit to one of our showrooms. We are locally owned and operated, with a commitment to bringing you the best prices, the best products, and honest, quality services. Can’t wait to shop? Shop our laminate flooring selection online now!



Caring for Laminate Flooring

Caring for Laminate Flooring

One of the major advantages of laminate flooring is that it’s easy to maintain with a simple care routine.





Laminate Flooring Warranties


Life happens, and when it does our laminate floor warranties are here to help.




Laminate Flooring Warranties





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